Village of Loon Lake Newsletter

Summer 2022 Issue


The Office will be closed

  • July 1st for Canada Day
  • August 1st for August Long Weekend
  • September 5th for Labour Day


If you wish to receive your Utility bills and/or receipts via email, please contact the office or go to the contact and forms page on the website and fill out the Email Consent form.

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With Covid on the back burner, for now, the Village of Loon Lake would like to invite you out to help celebrate our Kick Off to Summer & Canada Celebration.

Starting off with a Pancake Breakfast at the Rec Center.

Then the Parade starting at 11am.

And lots of Family Fun activities and events throughout the day.

Ending with Fireworks being set off at Jumbo Beach at 11pm.

Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page in the near future for more information.

All events and times are subject to change.


Landscaping or Building

Are you planning a landscaping or building project this summer? If you have plans for backyard construction project, remember to always request a line locate before you start any digging.

Dig slowly and be safe

You can find more information on how to plan your project at Request your free line locate at


10% of all living species on the planet live somewhere in the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon is so big, it covers 1.4 Billion acres and spreads over 8 countries.


The Rec Center has started up the Monday Night Bingos again at the Loon Lake Rec Center.

Doors open at 6:30pm, Games begin at 7pm. Come out and have some fun.


The Village of Loon Lake has noticed an increased amount of ATV’s being used in the boundaries of the Village.  The Council met with Loon Lake RCMP representatives at the April 7, 2022 council meeting, where the council learned that since January, there have been a small amount of concerns/complaints regarding this issue.

If you have concerns regarding the use of ATV’s within the Village, please call the RCMP directly. The only way to resolve this continuing issue, is to inform the RCMP . If the RCMP do not know what is going on, they are not able to stop it

The Council would like to remind everyone of the Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicles Act, A-18.02 Section 7

No operating on highway

  1. No person shall operate an all terrain vehicle on the travelled portion of a highway.
  2. Subsection (1) does not apply to any person operating an all terrain vehicle on:
    • the travelled portion of any part of a provincial highway in respect of which the administrator has made an order pursuant to subsection 8(1);
    • the travelled portion of the whole or any part of a highway, other than a provincial highway, in respect of which a municipality has passed a bylaw pursuant to subsection 9(1).
  3. Subsection (1) does not apply to any person operating an all terrain vehicle on a highway for the purpose of crossing the highway where
    • the operator stops the vehicle before crossing the highway
    • any passengers on the vehicle leave the vehicle before crossing the highway
    • the operator yields the right of way to any vehicles or pedestrians lawfully using the highway; and
    • the operator crosses the highway by the shortest and most direct route of travel available to him.
  4. Subsection (1) does not apply to any person operating an all terrain vehicle as nearly as practicable to the right hand side of the travelled portion of a highway for the purpose of using a bridge or weir of the highway

1988-89, c.A-18.02, s.7; 2021, c4, s.5.


Village of Loon Lake

100 First Street South

PO Box 40

Loon Lake, SK S0M 1L0




On June 16, 2022, there will be a Public Meeting held at the Loon Lake Senior Center at 7pm.

Topics to be discussed:

  1. Village Water and Sewer Infrastructure Cost and Expense Increase.
  2. Applications for a Cannabis Store.
  3. Evergreen Terrace Presentation


The Building Code Regulations (the BCR) require carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms (or combination carbon monoxide-smoke alarms) be installed in all residential buildings in Saskatchewan, regardless of the date the building was constructed.

Enforcement will not begin until July 1, 2022, so you can have time to research, purchase and install these alarms in your residence.

For more information