Ice Fishing Returns to Saskatchewan with Emphasis on Safety

Released on January 4, 2024

Ice fishing season has finally arrived on Saskatchewan waterways, and the Ministry of Environment is reminding anglers to keep safety top of mind. 

Unseasonably warm temperatures throughout December means that many waters in Saskatchewan still have not fully frozen. This makes it especially easy to misjudge ice thickness.

“Ice fishing is one of the great Saskatchewan pastimes and I know many people are eager to get out and enjoy it,” Environment Minister Christine Tell said. “While we are excited for ice fishing season to get started, anglers must be especially careful this year when on or around ice by thoughtfully assessing its thickness.”

Some tips include:

  • Plan ahead. Always tell someone where you will be fishing and when you plan to return.
  • Be prepared. Wear proper cold weather apparel and layer clothing to stay warm. Assemble some safety gear for emergencies such as a cell phone, ice picks, a throw rope, flares and a life jacket or flotation suit. 
  • Stick together. Try to fish with others rather than alone.
  • Avoid open water. If there is open water nearby or the ice looks slushy, stay away.
  • Don’t assume. Ice conditions can change rapidly. Test the ice thickness before you travel on it and check with other local anglers for information about the waterbody. Visit the Water Security Agency for more information on ice safety. 

Check out the Winter Ice Safety Fact Sheet for more information.

In addition to safety, ensure you’re familiar with all rules and regulations for fishing. Know your limit and stay within it, carry your license, mark your ice shack and clean, drain and dry all of your equipment. Download the Saskatchewan Anglers Guide for more information.