Dog Transportation Donation

With all the dogs that have been caught within the Village, some get claimed, but most are rehomed through the local SPCA, or Humane Society.

With this knowledge, these animals have to be driven to these places. For the past 3 years Carlie McRae has been graciously taking these animals to where ever she is able to rehome them. Sometimes as far as Moose Jaw, SK, even Smoky Lake, AB.

With the rise in gas prices it has been increasingly difficult to fund these dog runs as the number of dogs needing placement has risen. To help with this situation, she has asked to put out a jar for any monetary donations towards the gas needed to rescue these dogs.

If anyone is willing to or wanting to help out, there is a jar for donations at the Village Office. She will also accept gas gift cards as well.

Lets all come together as a community and help out.