Advisory Due to Dry Conditions

The RM of Loon Lake and Loon Lake Fire Department would like to put out an advisory regarding the use of ATVs on Public Lands.

Due to the dry conditions, we ask that you refrain from using ATVs on public lands to help keep our area and community fire free.

With low precipitation, high winds and warm temperatures, the fine fuel load – grass and light leafy vegetation, in all regions of the RM is at high risk for ignition from ATV and UTV exhaust systems. Tall grass, crop residue etc., along trail systems and wildland areas often can ignite from direct exhaust, and/or direct contact with exhaust and sparks from mufflers and piping from these vehicle types readily at this time of year. This advisory includes all off-road vehicles such as quads and dirt bikes.

Please note: required agricultural and/or industrial operator ATV/UTV use on private land, is exempt from this advisory; however, extreme caution and continuous monitoring are advised.

Thank you for your cooperation